MFMR1.1 ,The new evolution in file management

September 29, 2012
hi ~~~
I returned with the program a lot of you waiting for

"Multi-Folder maker R1.1"

the New version which I fixed some bugs in it.
the previous version depends on your Windows it may require "Admin" Rights to open correctly ..this got fixed in this update along with other minor things .

New features :
a "List view box" shows the List of Files that will be created.
added "From File" button that takes pre/post-fixes from a text file.

like the MFMR(1) MFMR1.1 has free and paid versions, the Difference this time that the FREE version is not limited of open times (10 in MFMR1) this time it can be opened unlimited times but you can make only up to 40 folder at once.

Download From MF

download from Cnet
Get it from CNET!

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Before Buying you have to check the Policies section

New MFMR update Soon !! if you found Bug say Now

September 24, 2012
hi again ...
I'm Now Fixing some bugs found in MFMR.

if you found bugs in please comment ..
comments encouraging me for making new version There's Prize for the first one to comment here..

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Multi-Folder Maker got (Revived)

August 14, 2012
A new update everyone !!

I Remade my first program MFM (multi folder maker) the program that generates multiple folders at the same time rather than  "Right Clicking --> New -->Folder " Only Allah knows how many times.
The new features are the *NUM1* *NUM2* *EXT1* (I'm thinking of a good name for them for now I call them "Tags" like the HTML)

this version called "(MFMR) Multi Folder Maker R"

why R ?
cause this version :
Is Remake and Revival of the program that I stopped updating it for Soooo looo...

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~.~ a long time no (see?)

August 12, 2012
I didn't update for a long time ,now I'm making the Next version of Multi-Folder Maker .

about JapWrite I'm studying "SQL" to add necessary features to JW0.9 ,It'll not be released soon.
But I may do JapWrite 0.81~85 before it.

did you liked the previous ver.?
see? you next time

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japwrite 0.80 - a New way to write Japanese on Windows !! HERE !!

July 26, 2012
a little more than a week from the previous update and this version is out !!

click here to download from Cnet
Get it from CNET!

click here for MF download

this version is a big Update :
* changed the the Logo/Icon of the app. and the layout of the character as GOJOUN ordering!!
* added the ability to change from Romaji to Hiragana or Katakana
* Right Click on the character to write the (han/dakuten/small) version of the char.
* added colors for Diacritics (han/dakuten/small chars).
* added setting dialog so you can c...
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japwrite 0.75 - a program for writing japanese characters !! Released !!

July 16, 2012

after the last ver. I studied Japanese writing system a little and made these updates :

added (han)dakuten /soukon to the learn form.
fixed a bug that when Romanizing (change to romaji) "-i" char as the last char you get "index out of bound error "
fixed some minor Bugs from Japwrite 0.73 like when you romanizing "ト" character it should to become "to" but it don't.

Next version will have a different layout ...that resembles the Japanese "gojuon" m...
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JapWrite 0.73

June 20, 2012
since Japanese have too many characters and it's hard to memorize them all (for biggeners or pepole that busy) and when you (for example) want to only translate somthing with google/bableon from a picture (you can't Copy/Past the text from a pic) and you dont even know the characters reading for the most letters (means you can't use IME) need fast tool like this ...and this is why I made this program.

* Features:
- All the Japanese katakana/hiragana characters .ready to be written and CO...
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japwrite a software to write japanese character

June 12, 2012
I made a program to write japanese characters without IME or knowing how the character reads :
click here to download the program

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multi folders maker

April 21, 2012

this is one of my first programs i program ..and the first to upload on the internet for the others to use ..
this program makes up to 99 empty folders in the chosen directory ..

the idea came when i made new folders 28 times at row to separate some files with names only different in numbers ..
and i think if I'm going to need to do this again so i made a program for it .

i made this program for my self but I'm sure there's a lot of people want it

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