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Multi-Folder Maker got (Revived)

Posted by ahmad al Hemmaly on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, In : Folder Maker 
A new update everyone !!

I Remade my first program MFM (multi folder maker) the program that generates multiple folders at the same time rather than  "Right Clicking --> New -->Folder " Only Allah knows how many times.
The new features are the *NUM1* *NUM2* *EXT1* (I'm thinking of a good name for them for now I call them "Tags" like the HTML)

this version called "(MFMR) Multi Folder Maker R"

why R ?
cause this version :
Is Remake and Revival of the program that I stopped updating it for Soooo looo...

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~.~ a long time no (see?)

Posted by ahmad al Hemmaly on Sunday, August 12, 2012,
I didn't update for a long time ,now I'm making the Next version of Multi-Folder Maker .

about JapWrite I'm studying "SQL" to add necessary features to JW0.9 ,It'll not be released soon.
But I may do JapWrite 0.81~85 before it.

did you liked the previous ver.?
see? you next time

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