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japwrite 0.80 - a New way to write Japanese on Windows !! HERE !!

Posted by ahmad al-hemmaly on Thursday, July 26, 2012, In : JapWrite 
a little more than a week from the previous update and this version is out !!

click here to download from Cnet
Get it from CNET!

click here for MF download

this version is a big Update :
* changed the the Logo/Icon of the app. and the layout of the character as GOJOUN ordering!!
* added the ability to change from Romaji to Hiragana or Katakana
* Right Click on the character to write the (han/dakuten/small) version of the char.
* added colors for Diacritics (han/dakuten/small chars).
* added setting dialog so you can c...
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japwrite 0.75 - a program for writing japanese characters !! Released !!

Posted by ahmad al-hemmaly on Monday, July 16, 2012, In : JapWrite 

after the last ver. I studied Japanese writing system a little and made these updates :

added (han)dakuten /soukon to the learn form.
fixed a bug that when Romanizing (change to romaji) "-i" char as the last char you get "index out of bound error "
fixed some minor Bugs from Japwrite 0.73 like when you romanizing "ト" character it should to become "to" but it don't.

Next version will have a different layout ...that resembles the Japanese "gojuon" m...
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JapWrite 0.73

Posted by ahmad al-hemmaly on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, In : JapWrite 
since Japanese have too many characters and it's hard to memorize them all (for biggeners or pepole that busy) and when you (for example) want to only translate somthing with google/bableon from a picture (you can't Copy/Past the text from a pic) and you dont even know the characters reading for the most letters (means you can't use IME) need fast tool like this ...and this is why I made this program.

* Features:
- All the Japanese katakana/hiragana characters .ready to be written and CO...
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