since Japanese have too many characters and it's hard to memorize them all (for biggeners or pepole that busy) and when you (for example) want to only translate somthing with google/bableon from a picture (you can't Copy/Past the text from a pic) and you dont even know the characters reading for the most letters (means you can't use IME) need fast tool like this ...and this is why I made this program.

* Features:
- All the Japanese katakana/hiragana characters .ready to be written and COPIED to clipboard.
- You don't need to memorize the character 'readings' to write it.
- The ability to Change between Hiragana/katakana and from Japanese to Romaji (NEW)

* SYSTEM Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 *
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
PC that support Japanese language (may need Japanese IME too)

i'm not sure of this reqs above cause I only tested on Windows 7 ...
if you found a bug say (in a comment) anything you know about it plus you Windows info.

This is the first Real program I make with vb.NET ... and I want advices ...
also see the help file for this program and say your opinion of it's the first help I ever done.


please comment