a little more than a week from the previous update and this version is out !!

click here to download from Cnet
Get it from CNET Download.com!

click here for MF download

this version is a big Update :
* changed the the Logo/Icon of the app. and the layout of the character as GOJOUN ordering!!
* added the ability to change from Romaji to Hiragana or Katakana
* Right Click on the character to write the (han/dakuten/small) version of the char.
* added colors for Diacritics (han/dakuten/small chars).
* added setting dialog so you can change the colors of Diacritics .

also I didn't add a help file this time so the program size is less than 0.75 ,but you'll know how to use it without it ..really!!
i'll try to add the ability to write/place the meaning of kanji in the next version and about 1000 (or more) of them by version 1.0

please write your Idea about this program ...
anything you don't like?
have some ways to Improve the program?
please let me see in a comment ^_^