A new update everyone !!

I Remade my first program MFM (multi folder maker) the program that generates multiple folders at the same time rather than  "Right Clicking --> New -->Folder " Only Allah knows how many times.
The new features are the *NUM1* *NUM2* *EXT1* (I'm thinking of a good name for them for now I call them "Tags" like the HTML)

this version called "(MFMR) Multi Folder Maker R"

why R ?
cause this version :
Is Remake and Revival of the program that I stopped updating it for Soooo looong! and can be opened it directly form windows explorer's built-in Right-click menu.

Features :
- Can be opened with your Desktop/windows Explorer Right-Click menu For faster Opening.
- you can Determine the folder to make the folders in by Drag-Drop The folder (or any file in it) in the Dir Text box.
- add Prefixes/Postfixes very easy
- you can change the Numbering method from Numeric (1,2,3,,,) (001,002,003,,,)  to Alphabetic (A,B,C) (AA,AB,AC)  so easily with a lot of other options

And it's Only 4.99 USD
This Version is no longer supported

GO TO MFMR1.1 For the Supported One