What's the Word Count? And How it matters?

October 22, 2012
Word Count one of the things that bloggers always mention when they hire a writer to write articles for them, I wondered how much important is it and did some research about it.

The Word Count

It is the length of the written work,be it a novel, article or a letter. and depends the type of work. and In blogs it's the length of the article 'Body' (without the title).
 writing a certain length articles can make some readers don't read it only because it's too long or too short,so when writing you have to compress the article to the target readers mind.
some readers don't have time to read long articles, But as much as the Word count is important in this,if the Content is good some readers may save the article to read it later even if it's too long.

Word Count in SEO (search engine optimizing)

Because some bloggers use the sites they own as back-links to their main site, the search engines see the short posts as spam and so they get Search engine friendly, But the long articles too are also Search engine unfriendly. The Ideal length for getting high in Search engines is 600-750 words.
Using Keywords without damaging the content,and tagging images with the right keywords too. But even then, if you think that repeating the keywords every now and then helps you to get high in search engines, then you are wrong, think of the best way is to include what the users search for "the keywords" the article without damaging it, even if you put them only one or two times in it.
if you care about SEO then you have to always research about it because it changes,But if you don't care about search engines then you have a good reason to stop caring about the word count of your article.

The Content is better, the less important the Word count

What's the use of getting many visitors if no one read your article? and if they read it and saw it as bad one they will be less likely to read your other articles, right? even thought the word count is important the original content is the most important.
when making the first draft you the best don't focus at the word count at all and only focus what makes the article better. after completing this you have to think as a reader and read the article and change what should be changed to more enjoyable.

Word Count vs Effective Formatting

The word count doesn't matter as long as you format the article The readers don't read every word in the article and sometimes (in my case) reads only the Titles and random words,only reads the article if a phrase catches their interest. So you can drag the attention with better formatting like:
  • Putting the good sentences at the beginning of paragraph, some readers only read the start.
  • Using catchy heads of paragraphs.
  • Using bullet points.
  • Including images.
  • Use bold text when you want the reader attention.
these will make it easier for the reader to take the good parts of the continent. and maybe the reader read it all, and shares it.

Do You find Word Count important?

after researching about the word count in blogs I found that every one has his/her own opinion about it some said that's not important at all.
for me it's only important when writing for SEO but even then,if the article isn't good then it'll be of no use. I think the best articles that are giving the Idea with as much less word as possible.

What's your opinion? please comment.

Traffic Exchangers ,What is?

October 15, 2012
The Traffic Exchangers are one of the best ways to get visitors to your Website and make it noticed.

the Traffic exchanging idea is to view sites of other members in the traffic exchanger and earn credits after each page ,the time on the page depends on credits spend on the page, the traffic exchanger site and it's usually 20-30 sec.

By the surf type there are two types of Traffic exchangers the "MANUAL SURF" and "AUTO SURF".

In the AUTO SURF you simply wait and press nothing ,you can even leave...
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Hi ~~ Decided to do TECH-BLOG!!

October 14, 2012
salam !!
I decided to blog about things unrelated to my programs ,I'll write almost any type of article I feel like writing,
Also I'll do Sites reviews and Programs reviews.

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