The Traffic Exchangers are one of the best ways to get visitors to your Website and make it noticed.

the Traffic exchanging idea is to view sites of other members in the traffic exchanger and earn credits after each page ,the time on the page depends on credits spend on the page, the traffic exchanger site and it's usually 20-30 sec.

By the surf type there are two types of Traffic exchangers the "MANUAL SURF" and "AUTO SURF".

In the AUTO SURF you simply wait and press nothing ,you can even leave your computer open and do other things, so when the AUTO SURF is easier to get credits, no one will 'look' at your site.
the AUTO SURF is good to get statics like visitors counters (like: relmaxtop) and other things. one of the AUTO SURFers traffic exchangers is (

In the MANUAL SURF you earn each credit after clicking a button after the page view time goes to zero.
the MANUAL SURF is semi-garunnated way to get you website noticed, almost any person get's your website on the exchanger will look at you site for a second at least and may be even be a frequent visitor to you.
one of the best MANUAL Surfers traffic exchangers is ( and it's the one I use.

I'll write more about Traffic Exchangers another time.