Terms And Policies

To use Any program from AhmadMdev Programs on this site you have to follow this terms

please remember that I can Change these terms any time without warning you.

For All programs You May Not :

*) ReUpload it/Post it on any other site (except software dictionaries) Without permission, you can ask for permission By Email (ahmadmdev@gmail.com) once you get the permission you can Only post the program you got the permission for Only on the site you got permission for.

But you are free to LINK to this site anytime rather than that.

For The Free programs :

*) you may use them for personal use only.

*) you can post them at any software List/wiki/Dictionary without Permission needed. but I prefer to list it and then informing me with this mail : (ahmadmdev@gmail.com)

For The Pay-to-Use programs :
*) you may use them for personal use only and Don't give Activation Codes to ANYONE
after buying them.

*) when you Buy a program you must know that I refund your money ONLY when I confirm that the Program didn't reach you (or other cases please Email) please Save the Emails that reaches you when buying so we can reach a solution about refunding.

*) If I decided to make the Program free you wouldn't get your money back. But for the most of time The activation codes will still useable on the Next version of the programs I make.